Why spring is a wonderful time to sell your home in Cheadle

What a winter it has been. With Brexit, a general Election, horrendous virtual non-stop rainfall and storms causing devastating flooding and damage across the country, it’s no wonder that moving home may not have been at the forefront of your mind.

However, as we move into spring there is a sense of new beginnings and with an unbelievable start to the year, with record listings and sales it’s a great time to sell your home.  If you’re dreaming of a bigger garden to enjoy in the summer months, have your sights set on your first home, or are looking to up size or downsize, this is why spring is wonderful time to sell your home in Cheadle.

Start afresh

Winter is the time we enjoy snuggling by the fire on a cold stormy night, but as the weather starts to change you might start to think about having a good old spring clean. You may feel that a good sort out is in order, giving your home a decent decluttering ready for selling.  When selling your home in Cheadle this is the perfect way to get your property “market ready” ahead of any potential viewings.  Just think how good it will feel to get rid of all those things you no longer need, ready for your upcoming move, rather than waiting until it’s time to pack and how much more spacious your home may appear to potential buyers!

Give it a Hinch

No spring refresh would be complete without a thorough clean of your property. You may be a fan of Mrs Hinch and have many a trick to keep your home sparkling, but just as it’s advantageous to give your home a good declutter before selling, a thorough deep clean also needs to be on your to do list.  Buyers can be nosey, having a peek in cupboards, those shelves in the pantry! fridges and even your dishwasher when viewing your home – a clean home feels like a loved and cared-for home, what better first impression and warm welcome could your home give?

Buyers are blooming

Just as you may have put off the idea of moving, so have many buyers.  The uncertainty of the past couple of years seems to have subsided and people simply want to get on with their lives.  With that in mind, we have seen the number of potential buyers registering in Cheadle increase by 65% on the same period last year, as people seek to find their next home in time for the summer.  Families may have school catchment areas in mind, others want to have moved before the school holiday season hits, and for others the timing just feels right.

Bright side

Houses always look more attractive in sunlight rather than on a dark winter’s day.  Walking around a property where natural light is beaming through every window and the garden is bursting with colour is bound to give a suitable first impression.  First impressions are extremely important, as a buyer can make their mind up on a property within seconds, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this time of year before the summer holidays?  Summer is a time for travelling, entertaining, relaxing and enjoying the weather.  Who knows, we may be hit with a heatwave, and you could be sipping a chilled beverage in the garden of your new Cheadle home.

No soggy boxes

OK, we can’t predict the weather, but we hope you’ll have less chance of a rainy moving day in Summer than what we have experienced over the last few months.  Moving soggy boxes isn’t fun, and we know that you’ll be worried about your furniture getting damaged in the move.  What could be better than seeing the last box unloaded off the moving van and standing in the garden of your new home, watching the sun come down.

Make it yours

Moving in spring gives you the summer to settle into your new home. Yes, you may have everything unpacked and in place, but it’s only when you’re actually living there that you start to see the changes you can make.  Imagine the BBQ-filled summers with friends and family popping by, drinks flowing and conversations never ending.  You have bought a property, but it’s only when it’s filled with what and who you love that it starts to become your home and that ambience can be created much easier on balmy summer evenings.

Spring into action

If a spring move is on your mind, don’t sit and ponder – it’s a great time to take advantage of the unusually buoyant market!  If you would like to discover how much your Cheadle home is worth and how we’re the right agent to sell it for you, why not call our sales team Patrick, Joe and Maurice today on 0161 428 3663, e-mail or better still, pop into our busy high street office in the centre of Cheadle village for an informal chat and a brew!

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