Which estate agent should you choose in Cheadle to sell your home?

One of the most crucial decisions you can make when deciding to sell your home in Cheadle is your choice of estate agent.

You need to be picky to ensure that the estate agent you choose is right for you and your home.  The right estate agent will be able to attract suitable buyers to help sell your home in the timescales you require, and for the highest possible price.  Making a wrong decision could see your property sat catching dust as time continues to pass by and viewings dry up.  At Maurice Kilbride we find it rewarding to be challenged when meeting sellers, as we know that they are giving some serious consideration to who they are giving the responsibility to sell their home.  So which estate agent should you choose?

Proof is in the pudding

Many agents can talk the talk, telling you how great they are, what awards they have won and how they are number one on Rightmove, but you need someone who can walk the walk!  So how are they performing?  Asking questions, such as have the agent sold any similar properties in the area, how quickly, and was the offer figure close to, or even above the asking price?  This will give you a gauge of the speed your home may potentially be sold for and also if they are valuing properties correctly.

Getting the valuation and marketing sales price right at the beginning is a must, if your agent tries to win your business with a too-high valuation you will end up having a stressful time.  Buyers are savvy, they will have been doing their research and have a good idea of what your home is worth compared to others they have seen.  Therefore, if it’s priced too high, you may not get any viewings, or receive offers you deem to be insultingly low.  The end result, which we see all too often, is that your home will be reduced in price, again and again, until often it is listed at below market value just to generate interest. The property portal Rightmove recently published some interesting data that shows properties sold within the first 14 days of marketing achieve the optimum price.

At Maurice Kilbride we always try to market to sell – to attract buyers and to get you the offer that your home deserves through experienced and solid negotiation.  We’d be happy to share our results with you.

Why going local remains best for most sellers

There are many types of estate agents around today, from your traditional high street, to online, to those that are a combination of both.  As an agent in Cheadle we are still very proud of our office location and the amount of window shoppers and foot traffic we achieve, because a real local property expert is embedded within their local community.  We live in or close to and love the area; we walk the same streets, visit the same coffee shops, and enjoy the same bars, restaurants and other independent local shops. We have probably sold your neighbour’s home, have seen generations of the same family move over our 20 years in business, and also know those people who would be ready to sell should that house on a certain street become available.

A true local agent doesn’t just know the streets, they know the heart of the community. It’s people, it’s culture, and when it comes to selling your home, there’s no better estate agent to have by your side. Technology is important but moving home remains a people business and very emotive.

Not a one trick pony

Estate agency has evolved rapidly in recent years – and continues to do so at pace. No longer will a listing in the window be enough, we have to continuously seek new ways to market properties, to attract buyers, and increase exposure.  At Maurice Kilbride we are forever researching new technologies, testing methods, and implementing the very best, where we feel it will serve our Cheadle clients better. We also recognise that what works for one property may be completely wrong for another – we are certainly not a one trick pony or one size fits all.  We are renown as an industry leader in the use of Social Media and Facebook video marketing to targeted audiences is proving a great wait to attract a whole new audience of potential buyers, outside just the Portals.

What creative marketing and advertising solutions do other estate agents offer, and will they truly make your property stand out above the rest?

Honest conversations

From the outset we want to do the best for you and your property; that may mean we make suggestions to help give your home greater appeal.  Honest conversations can be difficult for some, but please remember you are wanting the best price possible for your home, and we know how to achieve it – but it could involve some work from you.  Not all agents are confident enough to have these kinds of conversations, out of fear of losing your business.

It’s good to talk! 

Valuing your property requires understanding your home, your circumstances, and reason for moving, which is why it’s important we listen.  We want to ask you questions, find out what work has been undertaken, what you love about this house and those quirky features that make it truly unique. The emotional sale and selling a lifestyle not just bricks and mortar is becoming more and more important.  Is every agent you meet actually listening or simply telling?

The choice is yours

Of course we would love to work with you to sell your home and help you move, why not give Patrick, Joe or Maurice a call on 0161 428 3663, e-mail or better still, pop into our office on Cheadle High Street and challenge us to prove we’re the right agent for you and your home.

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