The joy of learning & embracing technology – more agents should try it!

MysteryShopPacks  2As an industry, estate agency has never been renowned for  embracing technological innovation and learning new ideas as quickly as some other industries I could mention.

I have never quite understood the dinosaur culture that exists amongst many – anything that simplifies and speeds up processes, helps improve communication and make us more approachable to new audiences, more efficient, transparent and accountable to an already pretty sceptical public should be applauded and adopted without a second thought!

Its about adding value to a clients visiting experience

Yet many still resist – “We have always done it this way and it has worked for us” is a dangerous but all too common mantra. Take a look at many agent websites. They are old fashioned, not responsive and totally agent orientated. It is all about them rather than being client focused and adding value to the visitors experience. How many websites provide downloadable informative giveaways? How many have a live chat facility available 24/7 or video blogs? Most don’t even have a cohesive social media strategy or use face book to reach out to their potential clients in a way they understand and expect nowadays.

Exciting new development with the creation of the Rightmove hub

At Maurice Kilbride we do all of the above and much more. We love embracing new technology where it serves our clients better and learning new things! Therefore I was excited when invited to try out the new Rightmove Hub which provides a whole raft of great content and learning opportunities for agents in one central hub. There are webinars, excellent local market Intel that will allow us to provide regular and better analysis of market trends and price activity in Cheadle, hopefully positioning us as the go to agent for market commentary.  There is a new suite of seminars and work shops on how agents will be able to get the most out of their Rightmove membership, which is by a long way the recognised market leading portal for home buyers and sellers, so it makes sense to be maximising the benefit to your business. There are also mystery shopping facilities now, which could provide valuable feedback and help identify any specific training areas for your staff.

Importantly the hub was very straightforward to navigate and I could find what I wanted quickly and easily.

I have often been critical of Rightmove over its pricing structure, but that is for another day! However improvements like the new hub are welcome additions and a step in the right direction

Do check it out for yourself  – an old Chinese proverb once said “ Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” We should never stop learning and improving!

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