Is your business All Black?

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With New Zealand and Australia set to go head to head for the Webb Ellis Trophy at Twickenham this Saturday afternoon and the accolade of being the first team in history to be crowned rugby world cup champions three times, the stakes couldn’t be higher! Therefore it seemed like an opportune moment to draw a parallel between top level rugby, team sport in general and business.

The All Blacks as New Zealand are known for anyone not familiar with Rugby, haven’t reached the pinnacle of their sport and gained a fearsome reputation by chance, it has been established over many years of hard work, dedication, a never say die or know when they are beaten mentality and adapting to changes in the way Rugby has evolved to maintain their tremendous success.

Dan Carter acted as water carrier for his team mates when not playing!

Rugby perhaps more than most team sports is very much built on the principles of play hard but fair and show total respect for your opposition. Yes there are stand out names such as Dan Carter or Richie McCaw but success in the fifteen man game is achieved through outstanding team work and communication, everyone knows their role and it is the sum of all these components working together that makes their model successful year after year. Interestingly during a recent game when Dan Carter wasn’t playing – he acted as water carrier for the rest of the team! What sort of fantastic message did that give out?

Success is achieved by being consistently better than your competitors

So think about the most successful estate agencies and businesses in general – the ones with the fearsome reputation that gives them the edge even before they set foot inside a property. There are leaders and stand out performers but again the top businesses have established themselves over the years by being consistently better than their competitors, through great teamwork, outstanding communication, hard work and a desire to be the best in their field and have the ability to adapt and change in a fast changing environment over and over again. Like Dan Carter good business leaders never ask anyone to do anything they are not prepared to do themselves.

Do the Haka at your morning meeting?

Now I am not suggesting we all change our morning meetings to incorporate a rendition of the Haka! Although that could be an interesting spectacle! but it is certainly an interesting analogy and proof that there is a huge similarity between sport and business.

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