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Is buying a Leasehold property a problem?

When you’re buying a property in Cheadle it can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of what it can offer you as a home that you may not have checked whether it is freehold or leasehold.  Many buyers have not heard of these two terms before, but at Maurice Kilbride we want to help you understand the differences between these two forms of legal ownership.  So, what is a freehold? and what are you getting into when buying a leasehold home. [···]

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Which estate agent should you choose in Cheadle to sell your home?

One of the most crucial decisions you can make when deciding to sell your home in Cheadle is your choice of estate agent.

You need to be picky to ensure that the estate agent you choose is right for you and your home.  The right estate agent will be able to attract suitable buyers to help sell your home in the timescales you require, and for the highest possible price.  Making a wrong decision could see your property sat catching dust as time continues to pass by and viewings dry up.  At Maurice Kilbride we find it rewarding to be challenged when meeting sellers, as we know that they are giving some serious consideration to who they are giving the responsibility to sell their home.  So which estate agent should you choose?  [···]

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The essential decluttering guide for selling your home

At Maurice Kilbride Estate Agents we want every seller to be able to maximise the potential within their home and achieve the highest possible price.  To do this you need to prepare your home for sale and one of the most important – yet often overlooked ­– jobs you can do is declutter.  This can mean taking tough decisions and being quite brutal, but buyers are looking to purchase your property, not its contents, so the more contents you have, the greater the chance of buyers being distracted and finding it hard to build a connection.  Declutter your way to a sale in Cheadle with our essential decluttering guide for selling your home. [···]

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