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Are you missing out on 50% of your Rightmove buyers?

Do you know what price your property is currently being marketed at? The exact price I mean? For example, is it £400,000 or £399,950? You might think, so what? It’s the old £99.99 under £100 syndrome, however the difference here is more important than you might imagine, I’ll explain why: [···]

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New home for Christmas?

If you’ve ever done a long car journey with children, you’ll no doubt have heard; ‘Are we there yet?’ if like my middle lad, Joe, it was usually within five minutes of getting in the car!

And if you have ever had the misfortune to deal with a dodgy mechanic (Cheadle has plenty of good, honest, hardworking ones by the way) you may recall hearing, accompanied by a dramatic intake of breath ‘It’s the crank shaft or big end! that’s gone. That’ll cost you a lot.”  [···]

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