Housing market

An opportunity missed for the housing market

Philip Hammond delivered his final Budget before Brexit on Monday and it provided a great opportunity for him to help steady an increasingly jittery housing market. Sadly, and not for the first time he failed rather miserably to address the real issues and instead offered up a rather damp squib of a Budget where housing is concerned. [···]

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Should I exit before Brexit?

One question I am being asked more and more by home sellers, buyers, landlords and property investors “How will Brexit affect the house market?”

It’s a good question and certainly very topical right now and I guess the honest answer is nobody really knows. There are plenty of so call “experts” better qualified than me giving an opinion, however I suspect a lot will depend on what sort of Brexit we see come 11 pm on March 29th 2019!  [···]

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High Street or Budget Agent – who’s really selling property?

There has been much said and a considerable amount of mud thrown in an ongoing and rather unedifying pitched battle between traditional high street estate agents and the new breed of low cost budget agents, that has raged for a few years now, with both vying for the hearts and minds of house sellers. [···]

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Are you missing out on 50% of your Rightmove buyers?

Do you know what price your property is currently being marketed at? The exact price I mean? For example, is it £400,000 or £399,950? You might think, so what? It’s the old £99.99 under £100 syndrome, however the difference here is more important than you might imagine, I’ll explain why: [···]

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New home for Christmas?

If you’ve ever done a long car journey with children, you’ll no doubt have heard; ‘Are we there yet?’ if like my middle lad, Joe, it was usually within five minutes of getting in the car!

And if you have ever had the misfortune to deal with a dodgy mechanic (Cheadle has plenty of good, honest, hardworking ones by the way) you may recall hearing, accompanied by a dramatic intake of breath ‘It’s the crank shaft or big end! that’s gone. That’ll cost you a lot.”  [···]

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Beware the Greeks bearing gifts!

Last Monday morning, I was in my regular team meeting planning the days activities and looking at what was in the diary. A particular valuation appointment that evening caught my eye. It was on a road in Cheadle, close to the village that we had not had a recent instruction, but historically had enjoyed great success and the properties traditionally sold very well  [···]

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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home in Cheadle

We are often asked the question – how people can add value to their home?

And off course there are plenty of ways. Some quite costly and time consuming and others which can add value quickly for a relatively modest outlay, which I am going to look at in this blog post. [···]

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The single biggest question house sellers need to ask themselves

Making the decision to sell your home and move is a big one. In fact, recent research showed that most people start thinking about and researching the idea 6 – 9 months before actually doing anything.

Whatever the reason whether it’s downsizing, needing more space, wanting a better neighbourhood, employment or to be closer to excellent schools, it’s often life changing and a huge decision. [···]

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