Are you the Harry Kane of Estate Agency?

With England now destined to win the 2018 World Cup in Russia – well ok, as the Baddiel and Skinner song suggests, for those of us old enough to remember it! we can still believe! I thought it would be good to write a topical property blog with a football connotation! And look at the synergy between England football hero and Captain, Harry Kane and Estate Agency, although the sentiment could apply to most businesses really.

Harry Kane typifies what hard work, dedication, belief and positive thinking and a certain amount of talent can achieve. Harry is not technically the best player on the team, nor is he the fastest by any stretch of the imagination, but he is an extremely dedicated, hard working professional, who served his time out on loan in the lower leagues, learning his trade and with his burning desire to achieve and willingness to learn, it has taken him to the pinnacle of the world game.

Building an Estate Agency that can take you to the top

But what his this got to do with Estate Agency I hear you cry? Well, building a sustainable and successful Estate Agency has a number of parallels. It takes time to establish any business/brand, call it what you will and a huge amount of hard work, dedication, possible rejection along the way, but all part of the learning curve. By building a good, ethical business with solid foundations and a willingness to listen to what customers really want, in time you can rise to the top of your industry in your own town and become the go to estate agency that the selling public recognise, trust and feel they can relate too.

A good estate agency business, like a professional football club, must have good processes and systems. There must always be a clearly defined game plan, strategic planning and assessing your competitors/opponents and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Training is essential in order to get better and meet the demands of a fast changing work environment, but even with star players in your team, a business like a football team is only as good as the sum of all its parts/players. Good businesses and teams only thrive when it is about the team not the individual.

You can’t train passion and enthusiasm

Harry Kane demonstrates leadership, enthusiasm and great passion on the pitch, challenging team mates when they make a mistake, not berating them and this parallel shouldn’t be lost on business, although I am not sure you can train passion and enthusiasm, that has to come from within, but is what sets a great footballer apart from the rest or a great estate agency from its competitors.

Harry also has that likeability factor, he seems like a nice guy, trustworthy. A good estate agency is also striving to establish those credentials in the public’s mind and now those forward thinking and progressive agencies are using social media channels, especially Facebook and putting out helpful, engaging and visual content, making themselves real and almost as well known in their own communities as Harry! Well that maybe a slight exaggeration but certainly get into the public psyche.

Only the other day I went to value a property and as soon as I knocked on the door, the lady opened it with a smile of recognition “ Oh I know you, you are the guy who’s always doing those videos on Facebook, I feel like I know you already” so a sort of fame in my own town if not on global scale quite yet!

So as England, lead by Harry and Gareth Southgate, continue their quest to do something amazing and win the World Cup for the Country, ask yourself this – are you the Harry Kane of Estate Agency in your town?


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